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Goku and Gohan were SSJ2 against Broli:

Posted by Raikaage - Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 @ 7:24PM EDT

This is something many people haven't noticed for some reason. A lot of people say Broly is barely on SSjin 2 level and would lose to SSjin 2 Goku despite the obvious fact that he was tanking hits from Toei Haxed/Post-Zeta Sword SSjin 2 Gohan without even budging. However, even if you don't believe the Toei Hax, Broly was only pushed into the sun when both Goku AND Gohan went SSjin 2.

 See for yourself. As you can see, Goku's hair very clearly changes into his SSjin 2 hair before the Kamehameha overpowers Broli's Omega Blaster. It's hard to see and you have to pause to see it, but Gohan only has one bang of hair during this moment, proving he too was a SSjin 2. Also included, is a page from Daizenshuu 6 that very clearly shows both Goku and Gohan with their SSjin 2 hairstyles in the Kamehameha struggle. Considering all the three Kamehamehas did was push him and barely hurt him at all, and it was the SUN that did almost all of the work, Broly being stronger than ANY unfused SSjin 2 is an impossibility.

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