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Bands from the movie Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan

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Note: These songs have first appeared here at this website and my (SylentEcho) purevolume page. 



At long last these songs have been found! It's taken three full years ever since this DVD came out (2003), but they're here for everyone to finally have. Thanks to the kind band members from these bands that passed these songs to me through MySpace and e-mails, so that the internet can now enjoy them all!  

The absolute toughest to find were songs by The Pointy Shoe Factory, Doosu and 'Reach' by Gravity Pool, which was miscredited as 'Wont Give In' on the Broly DVD. So, thanks to Vince Mullins who sent me mails, Todd Harwell for the Doosu song and Daron Beck for the two Pointy Shoe Factory songs!


HAJI / Haji's Kitchen

Combining aggressive, hook driven rhythms and an adventuresome modern sound, that leaves HAJI listeners eager for the next song. Think Tool meets NIN and Dave Matthews and you sorta get the picture. Their dedication to songwriting and musicianship, is truly unique in a time when it seems all you hear is the next labels version of the same band you heard a minute ago. Their upcoming follow-up to Suckerpunch is due this summer with tour, radio and retail support to coincide.

Go to their web site to download songs including "Day After Day", "Lost" , "Notch" and others.

Official website of Haji.

Haji Links:

Download & listen to songs:'s_Kitchen


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Hailing from Dallas, TX, a city perhaps best known for having enough gall to kill an American President. Tendril's in-your-face, guns-blazing assaualt might not be too surprising. What is surprising, however, is the intensity and consistency at which those salvos are delivered... Punk, Tendril is not. Metal, Tendril is not. In this dawning age of rampant cloning, should 'Raelians' decide to create a superbeing from the acquired DNA of The Melvins, Rancid, and Motley Crue, that superbeing will most definitely become the first test-tube Tendrilite. Formed in '95, the Tendril hierarchy consists of guitarist/vocalist Duane Deering, bassist/vocalist Darren Paul, guitarist Richie DeMeglio, and drummer Tony Wann. Tendril's early years of "Rock & Roll R&D" have earned the band experience, a loyal following, a handful of early recordings(all of which have received airplay in varying fashion), and significant soundtrack contributions for both TV and independent film. Additionally, Tendril has shared the stage with such bands as P.O.D., like Watt, The Toadies, Bowling For Soup, and The Paperchase.

Download Tendril press material

Download songs!
Tendril's MySpace,
Tendril's Purevolume page


Download the Album


Tendril's official site


El Gato  

Download: (right click and "save as")
Stained Glass Windshield.mp3
Lost In America (Part 1).mp3

Texas based quartet El Gato released its first full-length album, "We're Birds" in the US in the summer of 2002. It was released in Europe in the summer of 2003 through Cargo UK. Mark Pirro, bassist for The Polyphonic Spree & Tripping Daisy, produced We're Birds.

With an orchestral blend of layered guitars, keyboards and vocals, El Gato's non-traditional approach to song writing and constant sonic experimentation has caught the attention of national media and music enthusiasts.
For its live performances, the quartet merges instruments, effects, vocal harmonies and a visual trip to pull-off the rich, multi-layered sounds found on the album. Fans of Modest Mouse, Polyphonic Spree, Wilco, Beatles, Grandaddy, Built To Spill, and The Flaming Lips will appreciate the pop diversity found on We're Birds.

Having toured and played shows over the last two years with the likes of Jason Loewenstein (of Sebadoh), Goldenboy (Shon Sullivan - Elliott Smith, Eels, Neil Finn), Ash, J.Mascis and more, El Gato is currently working on the follow-up to We're Birds. El Gato has been recording at Satellite Park (Malibu, CA) with David McConnell (Elliott Smith, Wilco, Folk Implosion) and at BPL (Dallas, TX) with the Pipe's Brothers over the last six months.


"Charming and tunefully grandiose, this is music you can take home to mom - and get her looped with it." - Alternative Press

"An ambitious full-length debut that soars, swoops and flies like the birds they profess to be, El Gato's We're Birds makes a strong case for Headphone Album Of The Year." - CMJ New Music Report

"Don't take this statement lightly since the year has seen great albums from The Flaming Lips, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Spoon and Beck -- El Gato has released the best album of the year." - The Daily University Star from SW Texas State University

"Timeless pop that will never sound old or dated. We're Birds is chocked up to the max with superb melodies and clever songwriting... The band presents no less than fourteen tracks, and each one is a keeper. There's a lot more depth here than we are accustomed to hearing in pop music. Smart, creative, hummable, and unique. Recommended." - Baby Sue / LMNOP

"...intelligent indie-rock in its best form." - The Daily Texan, University of Texas

"We're Birds is a breathless album, with the naiveté of a kid singing along with his favorite song and the confidence to pile an orchestra on top of the Marshall stacks, Rock and Pop written in capital letters on a billboard." - Dallas Observer

"...a stunning album, impressive in scope and even more so in execution and sense of both detail and overview. Fans of everyone from The Byrds to The Flaming Lips will find something of interest here." - Ink 19

"This is one of the best records I've ever heard." - Don Alcott WFSH fm (Rochester, NY)




Louisisna House Fire Mid 1950's is at

Doosu stands among the most talented rock bands in North Texas with an ever-increasing national fanbase resulting from intense live performances, constant regional and national touring and exposure stretching across borders to Canada, Australia and Europe. The band took the top spot at the National Grammy Showcase Competition sponsored by N.A.R.A.S. in Los Angeles and has also performed at CMJ, SXSW, and NXNE. They have toured or appeared with the likes of Shiner, Toadies, Season to Risk, Sugar Ray, A Perfect Circle, and Porno For Pyros among others. Doosu offers up a serious brand of straight-ahead rock music with unique and powerful versatility. With four albums to date, they are currently touring in support of their newest, Feng Shui, self-released on Doosu's own BearHug Records, hailed by the Dallas Morning News as "one of the year's top releases." Doosu has recently completed a two-week tour of the midwest and a month-long tour of the East Coast with Red Animal War (Deep Elm). Visit Doosu's site for more stuff and downloads.



Metal / Alternative 
Slow Roosevelt - Boys Lie, Girls Steal.mp3
Slow Roosevelt - Radio drowning.mp3

Band Members:
Pete - vocals
Scott - guitars
Aaron - drums
Mark - bass

Slow Roosevelt stand as a Pillar group on the Texas Music scene. Not only have they been packing houses consistently, but they are on the road non stop and most recently played to 10,000 rabid rock fans with Kid Rock, Drowning Pool, Puddle of Mudd, and Adema at KEGL's BFD Concert in Dallas, Texas. The band has successfully evolved into an act ready to step up to the next level.Along the way, they have refined the Slo Ro sound and learned how to craft songs that get under your skin and stick to your bones. Electrifying, relentless guitars chiseled out of stone by Scott Minyard are deeply grounded by the precision pounding of Aaron Lyons ( drums) and the low frequency mastery of Mark Sodders (Bass). When lead vocalist Pete Thomas approaches the mic, the audience is not sure that to expect from a modelesque guy that wears a cardigan sweater and heavy rimmed black glasses until he growls his first crowd dominating verse... the crowd knows its time to rock.
Slo Ro is an original, unique combination of heavy hook ladened rock and true sarcastic punk attitude and intensity that reaches out and commands your respect. Their Reality Entertainment debut, "Weightless" features 10 relentless, gripping tracks that refuse to let you leave alive. From the first deceiving riff of "Boys Lie, Girls Steal" to the final pounding notes of "Radio Drowning" the record leaves you exhausted. Even the momentary reprieve in "From Laughing Comes Crying" comes back to punch you in the face. Killer Riffs, Major Texas Attitude and Hook after Hook, SLO RO delivers. Slo Ro and team have proven themselves a formidable force. With a huge Texas fan base, aggressive regional street teams and heavy support from radio (KDGE,KEGL) Slow Roosevelt and "Weightless" are ripe for the current rock market.
Slow Roosevelt at MySpace:

The Beautiful Disaster
Metal / Alternative
The Beautiful Disaster bring to the table a plate full of thanksgiving leftovers from SLOW ROOSEVELT and UGLY MUSTARD that include thick guitar that spans to spacious melodies and heavy riffs, drum and bass that pound through your placesettings and vocals to shatter the wine glass.
Band Website :
From (Past bands) : Slow Roosevelt & Ugly Mustard

Check out the new album now! You can also visit them at



Gravity Pool

Download Gravity Pool - Wont Give In.mp3

                Gravity Pool - Reach.wma

                Gravity Pool - Pray.wma
Play "Wont Give In"

From the album "End Of Nothing". 

( Sent to me in a mail by Gravity Pool vocalist Vincent Mullins himself)

Gravity Pool has been delivering their own unique style of mind-melting, bone-crunching, in-your-face music for almost ten years, with no foreseeable end in sight. The sonic textures the trio  delivers range from the lush hypnotic guitar work of Dave Moran, to the bombastic double kick licks of Evan Jones' authoritative drumming. Singer Vincent Mullins provides the razor sharp vocals which seep deep into the listener's mind using dark imagery, haunting melodies, and just a touch of road rage.

Although the band's sound has changed over the years, the focus on creating cutting edge music has not. Always on a quest for unique sounds and complex rhythms, Gravity Pool has managed to develop a timeless heavy sound. "Tool and Alice in Chains are still big influences of mine," says Jones, "their intensity and the moods they set still draw me in."

So check out the new cuts from Gravity Pool's forthcoming album, "End of Nothing" today!!!

"Reach" By Gravity Pool is featured in the Movie "Broly the Legendary Super saiyan" and is miscredited on the DVD as "Won't Give In".


The Pointy Shoe Factory:

Download the songs featured in the Movie Broly the legendary Super Saiyan.

They are uploaded here:

 Listen to the full album here:


On MySpace:  (Daron Beck's new band)


UNRELEASED Pointy Shoe Factory Songs:


1: The Killer 2: Burning Bridges 3: Glenn's Trip 4: Requiem For a Deadman 5: The Horror Train 6: The Pirate Song





The Aleph

Lazarus.mp3 by the Aleph (right click and "save as") 

Click here for the lyrics to this song

 Download more songs at this site.

The Aleph hail from Denton, Texas, where the quartet combine the rhythms of samples and glitches with angelic and haunting vocals to create a unique and delicately destructive sound.

In the words of the band:

Our first performance was in September of 2000. We have been playing live shows for the past few years and recently signed to Artificial Music Machine to produce our debut album, Live From Northpark Mall. Work is already underway for a follow-up release. We have performed live with such notables as Sutekh, Hrvatski, Proem, I Am The World Trade Center, VHS Or Beta, and Mice Parade, and crafted remixes for Lamb and Robert Miles, among others. 
Matthew Matics and S. Kelly knew each other growing up in the Texas Panhandle. We met up again in college and joined creative forces for the band Coals To Newcatle. After our psychedelic collaborations for Coals To Newcastle, we began working on electronic music together. We wrote several tracks together, but nothing too substantial developed until I met Miss Aisle, after she ended her long relationship with her former band, Gropius. Miss Aisle and I got a few tracks together and we asked Meishae to sit in and do some transitions, noises and dub mixing. It stuck quite well. S.Kelly came back into the picture and after a short while we developed a sound we were all comfortable with and could appreciate. And that's that.

Go here to check out their album.

"Live From The Northpark Mall"




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