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Fighter Factory Ultimate Tutorial: .(O).

Posted on March 6, 2010 at 6:51 AM

Hello there,


As some people know (some don't), , .(O). with{_Carnificina_}, one of the main beta testers & mentor of FighterFactory (with the help of some old good fellas like Tony3RD, BIA andDr. H), that was greatly done by VirtualTek, a very skilled programmer.Thanx to Fighter Factory, we could land a mark into Mugen's historywith the most complete, easier and better Mugen ever done.


Thenewcomers could never face this, but some old creators like me had started when you have to use MCM + Airedit + SounDzGood + notepad to make a character, back to a time when we didnt even see a CPS2 emulated and art money wasn't in the we did the characters the hardcore way. :wink:


MEE was a good tool, but have someproblems, as the ZCharCad - and old tool - have too. But thanx toVirtualTek, this is history.



VT(and us) are working on a newer version called Fighter Factory Ultimate.You may ask why..because the previous version wasn't perfect yet. VThad decided to remake it FROM THE SCRATCH...I was shocked when he saidthat, but he was right.

The new version, private to just MGBRmembers who had Creator status, is comming nicelly, with some reallywonderful new features. So I've decided to share this development withyou all, so we can have a even better tool.

BUT, I would like toreceive SERIOUS comments. Noob comments, or weird ones, will be justignored. This is why we had the development process locked to MGBRcreators (even PDM aren't allowed there)and now I'm posting here, justthe big guys are there. So, this is more serious than some people canimagine...we are here to make a revolution again, and we want your helptoo.


Enough talk, lets start!  Enjoying the show!

WHat is new? (some of the images are from a early beta)

- New interface (beta), with easier look, more room to work.

- New code highlight (with underlines), state numbers with name (as youcan see on the left), chained states (you can jump to any trigger thatis chained inside a statedef), CNS files organized into a dropdown menu(not on tabs anymore):

Click for bigger view.

You can use the old style:

- Live, on-the-fly palete insert/change in images! You choose a newpalete, with colors in different positions and you can choose to keepthe previous order (like the old FF do) or the ADAPT THE IMAGE TO THENEW PALETE. This means that you DON'T NEED TO EXPORT, APPLY PALETE andIMPORT BACK...its on real time

Old version:

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